If you are a boss, today is YOUR day. Sit back and enjoy your employees mill around you today and show their respect and adoration for you ( even if its faked ;))!
The purpose of celebrating this day is to basically make the boss feel cherished and honored for their devoted hard work!!
An employee one might think their life is tough. Controlling and work driven bosses who don’t even know how to kick back and relax. But that’s where you’re wrong.
Today do go and hug your boss, who has to work even harder than you do, make all the really important decisions, manage a huuuge workload and take responsibility whenever you and your colleagues mess up.

Being the boss isn’t easy, it’s a tough job, with a lot of responsibilities and at the end of the day a lot to account for….. They do deserve one hug after all that, no matter how bossy they might be?



Be an Angel today

angel-halo-with-wings-hiBe it; a kind word to your old parents, or a text message to an old friend turned enemy, or a smile at the counter girl at the coffee shop, maybe even a word of praise to your know-it-all colleague at work- Be an Angel today. For what its worth these small tokens of appreciation and love can make an immense difference.

Just imagine when you give one smile, you trigger a chain of smiles and resulting happiness in the process 🙂

So why not celebrate the beauty of life today and bring joy to others just by a small gesture? And act like an Angel (minus the halo and the wings though, ;)). Reach out and help others today without giving it a second thought. Make time to do something special and helpful for those around you. And appreciate the efforts made by others as they do something nice for you!

And feel how a small act of kindness on your part today starts a chain event… Keep smiling 🙂

Senior Citizens Day

untitledWith better health care and medical facilities available people are living longer than ever before. Senior citizens day aims at honoring older people for their long term services and appreciating the devotion they have put into their various chosen fields. Senior Citizens Day to raise awareness of supporting older people and recognizing their achievements. This is done in a number of ways; stores offer special discounts to older citizens around this day, while some communities organize gatherings dedicated to the older people.
So why not do something special for the elderly members of your society today? Help and elderly lady cross the road, offer to do chores for the older couple in your neighborhood,
visit a senior citizens home and spend some time with its residents. And then sit back and feel good about having brought so many smiles to people’s faces today. 🙂 

Radio Day

imagesCA8TTX3ABefore the advent of televisions and the rise of networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and Orkut, when something occurred in the world, the radio would be the source of information for the people. Radio Day aims at remembering and celebrating the simpler world we used to live in.
In many of the remote areas of the world radio still remains the most vital means of communication for the people who are to cut off from the technical developments of the world, and for the more unfortunate people radio is still a technological miracle.

So tune in today to your favorite radio frequency, and take time to appreciate humbler times! Continue reading

A Card Wish

Send bespoke cards personalized with voices, messages and photo memories!
A platform for designers to showcase & sell artistic cards at their price!

Eternalize Your Moments!

Company Overview
Origami Studios is an innovative organization and is always working on creative products for our friends 🙂

A Card Wish is a UNIQUE platform that allows you to select a creative card and personalize it. Add your voices, messages and photographs to send to your loved ones via email/sms or share on Facebook and Twitter. It provides you the opportunity of creating something COMPLETELY different using the distinct features of the APP.

This APP allows artists to craft AWESOME cards and sell them at their own price… We are providing you the opportunity to create your NICHE and reach millions of satisfied customers.

In addition the APP offers you the luxury to set parameters that will remove your personalized cards and information from the digital realm. It helps to safeguard your PRIVACY and PERSONAL INFORMATION!

World Humanitarian Day

imagesHumanitarian Day is devoted at honoring all aid workers who face personal danger just in order to help others. This day aims at creating public awareness for the common people, so they know that charitable groups that work day and night to reduce human suffering face many challenges themselves. World Humanitarian Day is a day committed to identify humanitarian workers and those who have lost their lives working for such causes. Be it the weather conditions that cause a delay in their efforts, the social hierarchies of the affected region, disputes over territory, it is the effort of these very social workers who endeavor just to make a difference in the world no matter how big or small. The day was elected by the General Assembly to correspond with the anniversary of the 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq. This year 10 years have passed since that tragic event. People all around the globe will pause to remember those who died, as well as the dozens of aid workers, who have died in the years since.
But the real purpose of this day is to commemorate and honor the aid workers who still diligently devote their lives just to make the world we live in a better place.


August 7th is celebrated as National Lighthouse Day. Lighthouses provide a beacon of safety and security to the boats out sailing in the seas.  Many a lighthouse has provided comfort to ships deserted on sea during storms, or stranded in the thickest of fogs.

Although, modern technology has taken over many of the responsibilities that a lighthouse used to perform once, lighthouses remain a universal symbol of safety especially for those people whose livelihood depends on the sea!

Enjoy National Lighthouse Day by learning more about a lighthouse. Maybe even visit one? Or, you could always curl up to read a book on them! 



“He was a wise man who invented beer.” Plato

Got your beer brewed? Grab a pint of beer and join the millions of people celebrating Beer Day around the world! The purpose of this day is to connect with all those people who adore and love beer as much as you do. Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage and the third most popular drink overall coming in close after water and tea. And not only can you all enjoy drinking your favorite drink but now also eat it. Why not treat yourself to some tasty waffles cooked with beer? Or enjoy a refreshing beer float? Maybe even a mouthwatering beer can chicken! However you might want to indulge and celebrate this day with a satisfied grin and your favorite beer in hand! So which one will you be having?

  • “Beer with honey aroma and soft, dry and refreshing.”
·         KÖLSCH

“Lager, fresh aroma, with a dry finish end hop.”

·         SCOTCH

“Beer with deep malt flavor, good body and a reddish or dark brown.”

·         PORTER

“Beer strong, dark ales with aroma of malt and hop bitterness. Brewed with very roasted malt.”

·         STOUT

“Beer ales almost black color with a bitter taste. Brewed with roasted barley malt.”


A Card Wish is a brand new application soon to be launched by Origami Associates. The aim of this app is to provide customized greeting cards to their users.

Also A Card Wish is a place for all the designers who want to reveal their talents by designing cards and also to be paid for them. So all you designers out there be sure to visit our Facebook page for further information!  🙂